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Concrete pump equipment maintenance

For mechanical equipment, regular maintenance lubrication is a necessary part of the work, concrete pump especially pays attention to daily maintenance work. Below, Minle Machinery Xiaobian simply introduces the maintenance techniques of the concrete pump:
1. Inspect the relevant items before and after the pumping in the daily use according to the corresponding requirements and methods in the maintenance manual. Regularly check the operating status of the hydraulic system and components, electrical systems and components.
2. Timely and adequate lubrication of all parts of the concrete pump. Regularly check and adjust the boom, rotating base, legs, support structure, reducer and other components.
3. Select the hydraulic oil of the specified model and replace the oil for the hydraulic system regularly. Regularly check and adjust the torque of the boom rotation base fixing bolts.
4. Regularly check the water tank, concrete tank and concrete conveying pipe of the pumping system.

Post time: Dec-24-2019