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Jinan Shendi asphalt mixing plant enters the Mozambique market

Jinan Shendi exported to Mozambique for the first time. The installation personnel overcame the impact of the epidemic and completed the equipment installation and commissioning. The equipment is currently operating normally, which has been well received by customers.

Jinan Shendi LB series asphalt mixing equipment, each assembly adopts modular structure, convenient transportation, fast installation, compact structure, small footprint, high cost performance, and is mainly supplied to overseas users. This series of products is equipped with an advanced automatic control system to make the equipment more reliable. Shendi’s small and medium-sized asphalt mixing equipment has won unanimous praise from users in domestic and foreign markets, and has been selling well in foreign markets in recent years.

The Republic of Mozambique is located in southeastern Africa and has a population of approximately 18.9 million. The project is located in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, with a total length of 74.029 kilometers and a two-way four-lane road. It is a landmark project of the city.


Post time: Sep-22-2021